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Learn how to do the facial contour (makeup)

Hello, my love, all right?
I hope so!

Loves, I'm sure you who are reading this post like to make up, or want to learn.
Almost all women like makeup, fashion and beauty products.
Even if you don't like to do a plaster on your face, but at least wear a lipstick, a mascara, that's a good start.
But today I'm going to teach you where you're going to spend the outline on your face.

The outline helps disguise the size of the cheek, the forehead, the papacy and the nose.

Everything you darken, you are hiding, then learn from me which are the places you will darken in your face.

FACIAL Contour:
-Apply below face apple
-apply in papacy

-Apply on the sides of the nose 
-Apply on the forehead (near the roots of the hair)

Remembering that where you apply the contour, you have to smoke well.
See the picture so you better understand how it's done.

(Images taken from the application interest)
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Velvet: Learn how to use

Hello, my love, all right?
I hope so!

Today we're going to talk about velvet clothes.
This kind of outfit wasn't well seen a while ago, but Velvet is coming back with everything.

Velvet is being very well highlighted in the fashion world.
But do you know how to combine this kind of fabric in your look?
LOL, I didn't know either!

But learn and now I will pass on to you all the tips for you to rock.

Shall we go?

Velvet is a very heavy fabric, always combine with neutral colors (beige, white, grey, black)

But if you want to produce a night look, bet on classic pieces. The night is always heavier than the day. Then during the day use light looks, and during the night use heavier looks. Also bet on jackets, boots and coats to assemble your velvety looks to use the night.

I kiss my loves! I hope you enjoyed this post.

Makeup tips to use at night

Hello, my love, all right?
I hope so! Girls This post today is about makeup.
I'm going to give you simple tips so you guys could rock the makeup to enjoy the night. Shall we go? Whenever you are using dark shadows in the eye (black, blue, purple and etc...), then do not use colored lipsticks (red or pink), use a nude or nude shank. But if you don't like a highlighted eye, like light shadows (nude, pink nude or other neutral colors) then you can wear a more highlighted lipstick.
For example, red, pink, lilac and so on. If you want to use neutral shadows and neutral lipsticks, also can, I actually love and think chic. Already in question of the skin, as the makeup is to use the night, you can use a base with a good cover, and a well-marked outline. Girls was this, hope you guys enjoyed this post, I'll do more post giving makeup tips for you guys. Kisses!
And until the next post!

Learn how to fill your eyebrows

Hello, my love, all right? I hope so!
 If you still do not know how to fill your eyebrows with shadow, then pay attention in this post. 
 See step by step: 
1-Comb your eyebrows
 2-mark with Shadow the drawing of your eyebrow 
3-going to fill the failed corners 
4-go combing to put the hairs in place 
5-continue filling with black or brown shade 
6-Will that I send the wires according to the drawing of your eyebrow
 7-make the outline of your eyebrow with corrective
 8-smoke well the corrective 
9-and already ready your eyebrows girls, that was it, I hope you enjoyed this post.
  Kisses and until the next.

Places to apply the illuminator on the face

Hello, my love, all right? I hope so! 
 Because today I'm going to tell you the places that apply the illuminator on your face. Many women have that doubt, but today I will take them all. In time to do a makeup, you have to darken some places and brighten up others. When you darken some points of the face, you want to hide, when you light you want to show. 
 Now let's see what are the places that need to be highlighted, places you will apply the illuminator. 
 You will apply the Illuminator: 
-Below the eyebrow -in the center of the nose  -Below the nose (above the mouth) -In the center of the chin  -In the bone above the cheek (below the eye) 
 These are the places that should normally be lit on the face in a makeup.
 I hope you enjoyed it!   Kisses and until the next post! 

 (Image taken from Snoopy in the Pinterest application)

Trick for the lipstick to last longer on the lips

Hello my loves I will give a wonderful tip today, for you who want your lipstick to last longer on the lips.
This tip will help you to standardize your lips and get the natural color of the lipstick.
Because if you do not use this trick, will not catch the natural color of the lipstick, will stay the same color, but not the color you want.

Follow the step by step:-Wipe your lips with makeup scarf-then pass base on the lips-just after you pass compact powder over the base-then apply the lipstick of your preference liked the tip girls?
I hope so!

Kisses until the next post

4 Ways to control hunger

Hello my loves

Today I will do a different post here at Elii Allves Beauty.
I will give 4 ways for you to control hunger and help to lose weight and prevent you fattening.

Shall we go?

1-Drink plenty of water, always be hydrated.

2-trick The hunger with coffee or teas without pixie.

3-Eat avocado, it contains good fats

4-eat enough fibers, such as broccoli and apple.

So that's it, girls, I hope you enjoyed it.